Habits – Rule of Five

A few years back I listened to a talk from John Maxwell, a leadership-guy from America, who said that he had a rule of five. He explained that a rule of five consists of 5 activities you try to get done every day. He compares it to cutting down a tree: if you hit a tree with an axe five times a day, eventually it will fall down.

The rule of five says it’s better to do the right thing every day, then to do big things somedays….It’s about consistency.

Here is my rule of five, recently refined.

  • Study – Whether it’s Grudem’s systematic theology, an exam for uni, a book on leadership, or a combination.
  • Rise early – I try to get up early every morning. I understand that I am more productive and think clearer in the mornings, and I want to play to this advantage.
  • Quiet Time  – this may take the form of reading my bible, doing Bible Read through, prayer walking, journal-ing, worship…or again a combination. It is essential I am intentional about meeting with God on a daily basis.
  • Care of my body – I want to make sure that I am eating healthily and exercising regularly.
  • Discipleship – for the last few years the great commission (Matthew 28) has played a big part in my journey of faith. Everyday I try to meet with someone to build them up or have them build me up in my faith.

My prayer is that God will help me carry these out for the sake of His glory, not mine! That He would refine them where they lead to idolatry and would reveal and heal sinful motives within my heart.


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