Bible Read-Through

One guy who has really impacted my faith is a guy called Scott. There is quite a cool God-story behind how we met and some really significant things that I’ve learnt from him. All of which I hope to share one-day on this blog. However, one of the best, perhaps the most important things which I learned from Scott, is a habit which we call “Bible Read-Through”.

“Bible Read-Through” (BRT), is basically – you guess it! – reading through the Bible. How it works is that individually you read through one book of the Bible per week, starting with Genesis ending with Revelation. Then once a week, you meet up with your mentor/mentoree/group, to share the three things which you enjoyed the most about Leviticus for example.  And to listen to what others said their three things were. The next week you read through Numbers, and then meet up share. It’s repetitive, but so helpful!

Some of the things I really like about it are:

  • You get to know the whole Bible very well!
  • You build/develop friendship which are rooted in the Word.
  • An amazing shared experience
  • The three things you share, (if you are honest about what you really enjoyed, and not just trying to share something “really profound” that you heard from the latest celebrity-preacher) are usually things which God is pressing on your heart! You sometimes notice themes, e.g all the three things have “trusting God” in common.
  • Likewise, as a group/pair you may notice commonalities, which may link to a direction God wants to take you on.
  • Guarantees accountability, and listening to God on at least a weekly basis.

The list could go on a bit longer, these were just some straight-to-my-head thoughts.

Practically, it takes about 30 minutes a day, or 3/4 hours a week if you decide to do it in one sitting (another great experience!). So for me, I get up early and do it before the world wakes up and I am undisturbed. Sometimes we split books in half (e.g Psalms/Isaiah) and do them over two weeks, and sometimes we group books together (e.g Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther or 1 Peter/2 Peter/1 John/2 John/3 John/Jude). Also when we meet up we usually take it in turns to share (x’s 1st point, y’s 1st point, z’s 1st point then x’s 2nd point, y’s 2nd point), this method tends to keep everyone more engaged and attentive. It roughly takes 15 mins per person (5 mins per point), but we try to be flexible! And Pray a lot, use the 3 things as starting points, pray for each other!

I would really encourage anyone to approach the Bible this way, especially within disciple-relationships. I have been doing it for almost two years now, and WOW what an impact on my faith. It is worth reading the gospels, the psalms, or an epistle alongside it. For example, reading Hebrews alongside Leviticus is a great eye opener as you consider the two different Priesthoods. Getting Jesus’ teaching alongside the law of Moses, or praising God through the Psalms whilst you read the theology of Paul etc…

Anyway…I’m going to start posting my three things on this blog. Because it’s another way I can record what God is saying to me, share how He is teaching me and hopefully encourage others.

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