Questions I love!

During normal term-time, I get to meet with a few other Christian-students. This is a great opportunity to get know how they are finding their studies, what God is teaching them and provide a mutual support base for encouraging each other in our faith. Exam time comes and the meetings still happen but less frequently and more sporadically. Once every two months I also try to make an effort to meet with a church leader, 1-on-1, I really appreciate these times, because I get to ask questions (and get honest answers!), I also get ideas and better understanding as to how God is leading me in my life’s calling.

One thing I really like about both these types of meetings, is the questions. At first it can seem a bit formal, but as we both begin to realize that there is a genuine interest in the answers we each give, conversations can get deep and personal very quickly.

Below are some of my favorite questions that I really love being asked, wish people would ask me more, and why I think I like answering them.

  • How did you become a Christian? I love answering this, because I grew up in a Christian home. (A blessing in itself!) But this question gets me thinking about those events which pushed me to make a decision for mysely. It makes me grateful for God’s hand in my life even as a young teenager.
  • What has God done with you since then? With most questions, a lot of the reason I love being asked them is because the answer usually includes something about me (my opinion, my thoughts, my life, my story). It is super encouraging to share some of the highlights of my story (even if they came through low-points) and connect those parts of “my” story to God’s hand at work! Also knowing someone is listening is encouraging, especially when they ask more questions getting me to see perspectives I didn’t see before.
  • What is God teaching you lately? I got asked this at Church on Sunday! I trusted the person, and was able to enter a deep conversation about my struggles straight away! It was brilliant, to hear his thoughts from his experiences of similar lessons, and again connect them to God’s role in teaching me.
  • Where would you like to be in 1/5/10 years? What would be your dream job? This question gets me thinking outside of the moment. Otherwise I can live so absorbed in the moment, the stress and the worries of this life. All the while losing sight, that God has a plan that reaches beyond this circumstance which I am in now. It reminds me of promises and hopes I received as a young Christian.
  • What are you reading? This is a question which people seem to ask me often. Last year I undertook a challenge to read a book a week (which I completed! 😉 ), as a result I picked up the habits of reading several books at once and also getting through them relatively quickly – although I have slowed significantly from my 2015 pace.Through reading I believe that I open up avenues for God to challenge me and speak to me.
  • How can I pray with/for you? A lot of Christians ask this question, and from being one of them, I reckon very few act on it. One of the things I’ve started doing is writing other people’s answers down in one of my journals, so it comes back to mind throughout the week. I love this question because it reminds me, that in my struggles with sin, money, worries, pressure (and life in general) I am not alone!

As I wrote this post, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I need to be asking people these questions more as well.

Lord thank you for friendship, and the way in which God-centered friendship can be so fantastic! Please help me to love my friends and brothers in Christ more and more. Help me to care more about their lives. Protect me from seeing my friendships as “transactional relationships”. Please make me more sensitive to others’ needs and gifts. Amen



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