BRT – Romans

Catch up…sorry no blogs for a while, just moved flat, finished exams, had a holiday, lots and lots of excuses…today I catch up on my BRT notes. I think keeping a record of these things is very beneficial for me, even if it takes a bit of effort to type them up. I will appreciate it later.

So here are my three things for Romans

  1. 3.22 “Righteousness given through faith”. This was one of my favorite, because I often congratulate myself that I have faith and therefore I am saved and righteous. Which in a sense is very true. However, it is not really the faith that saves me and enables me to be righteous, it is what Jesus did on the Cross. I have faith in Jesus and His death and resurrection and that is what gives me righteousness. Therefore there is no room for pride. Righteousness comes through faith in Jesus. Hope that makes sense – I’m not saying Faith is not necessary.
  2. 6.11-12 “count yourself dead to sin” & “do not let sin reign” & v13 “offer every part of yourself to Him as an instrument of Righteousness”… These phrases were important to me, because they reminded me of the active role we play in our battle with sin. Yes, we turn to Jesus to give us strength. Yes, we look to Him and His beauty to change our desires. Yes, we put to death by the Spirit. Yes, self help does not help we need God’s help to fight sin. Yet, these verses remind me I’m not to be passive with the sin in my life, and just let it run its course – hoping that God will deal with my desires. I am  to count myself dead; not let sin reign; offer every part of me to God. These are all very active things we should do to battle sin. I needed to be reminded of that, because I am tempted to adopt a lazy attitude towards sin.
  3. 11.29 Now I know the topic of Calvinism and Arminianism, seems to be quite hot among my Christian friends at the moment. But I don’t want to go into it, because this verse stood out to me for different reasons than that debate. God seemed to have brought this verse together with a Bible study that week we had had with Navs. We were looking at the story of Hannah (Samuel’s mother) and how she prayed for a long period of time for a son. I shared about a couple of people close to my heart who I have been praying for for a long time, who once called themselves Christians and now aren’t. And we encouraged each other to keep praying for these things even if the answer doesn’t come immediately. “God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable”… This verse in context is talking about Israel’s calling by God, however given the study I was encouraged by this verse to keep praying for my friends.

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