BRT – Colossians

  1. 1.5&27 “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory”…As I was reading Colossians, the word hope stood out to me. When I consider the hope I have because of the gospel: eternal life, a glorious inheritance etc, my perspective on my current situation changes. I want to live my life in light of this hope. I want to see the difficult and positive circumstances with the lenses of the Hope I have received as a result of Christ.
  2. 3:1-5 The setting of the mind and heart on things above. What do I think about, what do I care about. Are they heaven focused, good, Godly? This passage reminds me of the active role I can play in what I think about and what I care about. This is a command “Set your hearts…set your minds”, how am I doing that?
  3. 4.12 “always wrestling in prayer for you”…I want to be referred to as someone who wrestled in prayer for others. My colleagues, the guys at Navs, the young people at CYC, my family, my Church. Surprisingly when I am regularly journal-ing my prayers and writing them down, I am more conscious of other people’s needs. I would recommend it as a method to remind you to “wrestle in prayer” for others. I was reminded recently that when Jacob wrestled with God in Genesis, God gave him a new name: Israel – which means one who wrestles with God. I find it so interesting that God makes a covenant with a people called Israel who wrestle with Him. I get the feeling that God gets joy when we take our prayers seriously to Him and repeatedly ask Him to act/respond.  Whether it is a friends salvation, a personal battle with sin, a financial need…I resolve to bring it to God in prayer.

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