BRT – Ephesians

  1. 1.17-18 To be honest there were several times in Ephesians where I was reminded about how hard Paul prays for the Church in Ephesus. It was a strong reminded to me about the power and importance of Prayer. Particularly as I come closer and closer to working with the Navigators and the Youth Camp this summer. Am I praying for the young people, am I praying for the student? And am I praying lie Paul prays: “God open their hearts in order that they know the hope! God give them a Spirit of wisdom and revelation that they might know You better!” Also Paul says in verse 16: I have never stopped…remembering you in my prayers. As a response to this verse I stuck a note on my bathroom mirror reminding me to pray for the young people attending the summer camp.
  2.  The whole of Chapter 4 as it describes what our lives should look like if they are to be an appropriate response to the good news…The list is self explanatory and also highly convicting. God manifest these fruit in my life more! Completely humble, gentle, patient, united, truthful, encouraging, forgiving, etc.
  3. 5:10&17 This call to find out God’s will. How much of my communion with God is seeking His will, and how much of it is me asking Him to bless my will. This takes quietness and an eagerness to listen and wait.

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