I get Israel’s Commission

Part of my preparation for my new job working with the Navigators this year has been to complete a lengthy study on what it means to be “Laborers” for God’s Kingdom. Through this study and a few other things in my life that God is seeming to be working all together (the books I’m reading, discussions I’m having etc) one thing keeps coming up over and over again.

In Genesis 12:1-3 God calls Abraham (Abram at the time) and blesses him. Furthermore God says to Abram that the whole world, loads of different nations, are going to be blessed through him.

Now I already knew that because of Jesus we get Abraham’s blessing, we get a great relationship with God and receive every Spiritual blessing etc…But what I’m learning is that we also receive his commission! We are called to bless the world and all the nations within it.

Now I know the term “bless” is a bit vague, and “all the world” is quite a vast term. But I think that this is what God wants me thinking about is how am I to be a blessing to the world around me.

Because I like bullet points here are a few of my thoughts on it all so far

  • I want to be asking “how have/am/will I serve people”?
  • Playing an active role in looking after the planet (even though I’m not naturally inclined towards this, I reckon because I’m selfish and don’t see how it will affect me), I believe that this is a way that I can be a blessing to God’s creation.
  • God blesses the world through me, I need to remember that it’s God’s blessing, brought and wrought for by Him, and I am a channel. This stops pride, and weakens my legalistic tendency to do it all in my strength.
  • Realizing that the biggest blessing I can give the world is to introduce them to eternal life. Jesus said “this is eternal life, that they know You [Adonai] and the One You sent”. – John 17.3

God please show me what it means even more to be a blessing to the whole world, please help me to actually act on this commission and not just excited by another really cool Bible link that you’re teaching me about. I pray that the people who interact with me, or even just who sit next to me on the bus would be blessed by You, simply because I am carrying Abraham’s commission. Amen



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