Emptied Cup


About a month ago I just got back from Devon, where I had been helping out at a Christian Youth Camp (CYC), I was a chaplain and that meant that I got to give about 5-6 talks and lead worship for a group of about 30 young people! This was SUCH a privilege, as I love preaching and I LOVE seeing people respond wholeheartedly in worship! When I got back I met up with my Pastor to ask if he would be willing to help me grow further in this gift.

Long story short, we decided to meet once a month and he will teach me some of the processes he goes through to write a sermon. Now, I’ve read enough books and heard enough seminars to know that everyone approaches preaching differently. Still, learning someone else’s technique (especially someone whose sermons I actually get quite a bit from on a regular basis),  has got to be a perk!

Our first meeting was yesterday, and my expectations were completely blown out of the water. It wasn’t a simple, “here is my plan for how we will go about these meetings”, it was more like “here are worksheets I have hand-prepared for you to work through for our next meeting” and “here is a passage that you will prepare a talk on”!!! The worksheets have activities on them that are super-practical in helping me to draw out the meaning of a text!

On top of this my Pastor is also meeting with me once a fortnight to look out for me and help me grow pastorally throughout my year with the Navigators, and he is also on bursting through on my expectations for that as well. Preparing for meetings, giving me things to work through, preparing great questions etc.

I am extremely grateful for all the effort he is putting into investing into me! And it really feels like that; he sees potential and a willingness to learn, and he is totally emptying his cup into mine. Not only does that radically inspire me, as I spend time meeting up with and investing in students this year. But it also encourages me to give my absolute best in response to this. I don’t want to pass up this opportunity that God is giving me someone who is going to invest in me heavily!

Pastors and leaders, I want to encourage you please make time to invest in young people make effort to pass on to them what has been given to you. Your work in this area can change lives and keeps generations of laborers for God’s Kingdom flowing down through time! Students and young people, keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to ask those older than you to disciple and mentor you. Some “old guys” are super keen to invest in you, but are shy to ask! Also don’t underestimate what influence God may be giving you over the people who are living side by side to you…

Thank you God for my Pastor’s heart to invest so much in me. May I faithfully receive all that You intend from this friendship! Amen


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