Refreshed by Scripture…

Today has been tiring!

I was out the house at 6.30, went straight to the gym…then headed all the way over to Northfield, which is a way from City Center on public transport (and a lift the last part of the way). In Northfield I met with the other Navigator Reps in Birmingham, where we shared testimony’s of God’s work in us over the summer. Straight after I had a 1-on-1 with one of my supervisors.

As an introvert, when 3.00 came and I had finally finished all of the above I was knackered! There was an enormous temptation to switch my laptop on and watch youtube videos, or do some reading…I was just about to start writing a blog post for today when something clicked in my head.


I have a principle that I’m not allowed to blog unless I’ve read the Bible and listened to what God is trying to say to me for that day. This is because one of my prayers with this blog is that it would encourage others, but in order to empty my cup in blogging I need/want to be filled by His Cup. Because of the business, I hadn’t had a chance. So I closed my laptop and opened up Deuteronomy…

Wow! God’s Word is living, and refreshing to the soul! Who would have thought that a book like Deuteronomy could refresh someone totally knackered. But ALL of Scripture is God-breathed. And so I listened to God’s voice for me today in the Bible.

I want to encourage you to fight to make sure you are feeding yourself with God’s Word today. It is so good for us! No excuses, reading God’s Word is even better for our souls than reading “christian” themed books.


Just an extra thought – before I opened up Deuteronomy I journal-ed honestly with God. “I am tired and (as a result) very discouraged…I need You now, please meet me where I’m at – even though I have very low expectations. Amen”. When it comes to prayer, God prefers and wants to hear us honestly. Don’t hide from Him.


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