‘H’ vs ‘h’ and the value of People

A few years ago I was challenged, I think by a Matt Redman book, but I can’t remember for sure, to capitalize every word that refers to God. That means in my journals or other writing, I write “Him”, “He” instead of with a lower case ‘h’. Its just a small method I use to worship God a bit in my writing.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, and I doubt even that Matt Redman was the first to come up with it. I know that “olden day” scholars, the guys who used to write out Scriptures with pens and paper, had an even more extreme practice. Whenever it came to writing out YAHWEH’s Name, they would pull a new pen out, write the Name in capital letters, then burn the pen, and carry on writing. – I bet they got through a lot of pens.

But why am I telling you all this…Well, because I’m not the smartest guy in the world, and all that… I sometimes get my little writing rule mixed up. And sometimes when I’m writing words (especially Him/He) that begin with the letter ‘h’, I automatically use a capital letter.

I hope you’re still following. For example, in my journal this morning I was praying for one of my friends. I wrote something like: “Lord, I pray that You would provide for Him”. And I quickly realized I needed to change the ‘H’ to a ‘h’… (I promise I’m not trying to be a religious nut-case!)

Anyway I’ve been making mistakes like that since I started! However the last few weeks, every time I go to cross out the ‘H’ to write a ‘h’, I feel a little small voice (maybe God’s) in my mind saying something like: ‘You know, I value x so much I see Him with a capital H.’…

This has reminded me of the worth and value of every person to God. He sees us all as very important people, who He is especially fond of!

I’m still going to cross out those ‘H’s…But as I do, I will remember God’s incredible love for that person.

Thanks God for teaching me through weird habits and silly mistakes!


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