BRT- Deuteronomy

Sorry this is late…It is Fresher’s Week at the Uni of Birmingham, and that means a lot of work for a Navigators Student worker. Excuses aside, I found Deuteronomy encouraging this week. And here are my 3 points

1.30-32 Verses 30-31 recalls all the things which God had done for Israel in rescuing them in Egypt and providing for them in the desert. But verse 32 starts: “Yet in this matter you don’t trust ADONAI your God”. I found this line very poignant and began to ask myself – which area’s of my life do I not trust God. Fortunately, and surprisingly (to me), I have not been worrying about my finances lately and have a lot of peace about that. But trusting God in His ability to use me to accomplish things in the lives of the students I work with, has embarrassingly been a secret fear of mine. This verse challenges me to think which particular “matter”s do I not yet trust ADONAI.

An add on to this (as I try to squeeze 4 points into 3) is the repeated call to be courageous. Throughout the book, but also particularly to Joshua in Chapter 31. A lot of the time when it comes to trusting God, it needs to be repeated and repeated – for us to finally get the message. I want to remember this as I preach to myself repeatedly and call other people into a life of trusting God completely!

10.20 and also a lot of other places. This verse gives a lot of ways we are to relate to God: Fear Him, Serve Him, (and elsewhere follow, praise etc)…But the phrase “cling to Him” kept coming up. And I loved it! CLING to HIM. There are so many things in life I can cling to, in order to feel safe, secure, strong, loved…But God wants me to cling to Him. Wow! This week I tried that specifically, when I was feeling low and dissapointed – there was a temptation to turn to reading a book or playing a video game in order to feel better. Instead I turned to God’s Word and to cling to Him in prayer! I also like, that in my mind the word cling, churns up the feeling of desperation, oh how I want to be desperate for God’s presence in my life!

14.22-26 This is a very interesting command. It starts of a little bit like a regular command to tithe and once a year to go to the temple with a tenth of your best…But then in v26 it says “exchange the money for anything you want…anything you please…and you are to eat there in the presence of ADONAI your God, and enjoy yourselves”!!! At first I thought I was misunderstanding something. But just like the Sabbath, tithing is also for our benefit! (I know that not all tithes are to be spent this way – and we are to give it to the Church.) But here it seems like God is calling us to set aside a tenth to enjoy with God and eat in His presence. In a weird way this is a form of worship. God how wonderful it is that you delight to give us good gifts to enjoy in Your presence with thanksgiving! Thank You that Your commands are for our good and Your glory! May I not forget your delight in me and help me to honor you with everything I posses. Amen


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