End of first term!!


So I’m coming to the end of my first term with the Navigators, what an amazing few months its been. We’ve got a really great bunch of students, who have been prepared to go deep into God’s Word and with each other, in their pursuit to grow in faith! Which has been so much fun to watch, and be a part of. I also got to meet on a near-weekly basis with 5 guys who are serious about God and want to know Him more! I’ve also had so much time to delve into the Bible for myself and literally devote myself to prayer for these guys. I feel so privileged that this is my job!

Over the last 3 1/2 months there have been a few major learning points for me, and things which I reckon God’s been wanting to teach me. I wanted to share them here

  1. Accountable to God alone – this doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the Church or human accountability partners, I DO! But when it comes to justifying myself, and making decisions, my priority should be What does God want?, rather than what looks good or what other people will approve of. This was significant in lots of areas of my life, how I approach church, work, reading, friendships…But I really noticed in when it came to telling people, both Christians and unbelievers about what I do for a job. Deep down I had the urge to be affirmed and acknowledged as a “hard worker”, so I would focus on how I leave the house at 6.30 with my wife, or have studies to write, or meet with so many students, but learning this lesson is teaching me that the only affirmation I really need and acknowledgement I need is Gods. Man’s should be like icing on a cake.
  2. Prayer & Word – I already loved praying and reading the Bible, but this time has taught me to “devote” myself to it.
  3. Trust – I’ve had to trust God with my finances, and I have seen Him come through! How easy it is to forget this when the Bank statement looks good!
  4. Pride – Having my eyes opened to how much this is damaging my relationships with other people, was a fresh reminder that I need to turn to God and be captivated by Him in this.
  5. Being present with my unbelieving friends – How easy it would be to live in this Christian bubble! Thankfully God has opened up doors to meet and grow my friendships with people outside the Church. Such a privilege to be God’s Insider in these fun friendships with great people!


Going forward (and I’m sure by the end of the Christmas break I will post a more thought through post on this), here are some areas where I am looking to see God at work in my life and with the students:

  1. Career –working out where God is calling me to next year. Teaching, Navigators, Church ministry, youth work, banking?
  2. Leadership Development – I have been quite relaxed on leadership development with the current Student Navs, we have focused primarily on reading the Bible, sharing and writing our testimonies and understanding group dynamics. I want to be a bit more intentional about this and where God would like me to be with this.
  3. New years resolutions – I am a massive fan of these and I have a few ideas for 2017, but that I would choose wisely!
  4. Continue to grow in my faith and not grow content…

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