Anchor: Firm and Secure


This week I have started meeting with students early in the morning at a Uni coffee shop, to simply make space for a shared Bible Study. We started doing this because, some people find it really difficult to have quiet times alone especially if they are going through the stress of revision. I also think it can be so encouraging to meet with people and let the Bible challenge us and keep us anchored in God through the storms.

I recently heard a talk on Hebrews 6.19:

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure

I love the picture of a weighty anchor holding a ship in place while the storms go on around us. The speaker asked what was our anchor, and was it working. Was it strong enough to hold us in place. If not the Bible offers a hope which is a strong anchor…

So building on this I got the students to read through a portion of Romans 8. And we looked at this hope, the hope that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. This is a strong anchor for us. Because there are so many things, which set themselves up to try and separate us from this. But nothing can. The Anchor holds firm.

Jesus explains it another way, that He is the anchor. He uses the picture of builders, one building on a Rock foundation and the other on a foundation of sand. When the storm came it was obvious which would still be standing. Building our lives on the Rock looks like hearing His Word/Teaching (the Bible) and doing it! Jesus is our Rock, He is our anchor. He is firm and secure. We can lean upon Him and trust Him to take our weight!

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