Foundational truth

No blog posts in a very long time…so where am I at?  Where is God calling me vocationally for the next season? What are my plans for next year? Answer: I still don’t know, although I have been leaning towards one option for a long time. It seems that a clear sense of purpose and vision is a very attractive quality. So to have been in a position of uncertainty for so long doesn’t bode well for appearances’ sake.

I am convinced of these truths though.

1) God wants me to delight in His presence, to trust Him and abide in His Son. Ps 37, J 15

2) God has good plans for me, He has prepared good works for me in advance. Eph, Jez, R8.

3) Whatever I end up doing I will do as if it were for God, I recognize that God is using me to bring light into this workplace. Mt, Col

4) He will provide all I need, even if it is Grace sufficient to cope with hardship. Phil, 2 C 12

Therefore I look at the unknown with excitement and expectancy. Holding onto the precious promises I have been given.

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