…consider this blog post #1 …again

Well I’m having a pretty awesome evening. It’s Monday after work, and I’m kicking back with some blog writing. It’s been a while and I’m sorry. Sorry to myself for letting this slip. But it’s been a pretty hectic few months, since December, and not in the usual sense. Hectic in what I feel like God’s been doing with me and teaching me and challenging me.

Not hectic as in lots of church activities, in fact a lot of the process has involved stepping back and saying ‘no’. Learning curve!

I think a lot of my posts for a long time have been capturing more of my thinking and less of my story. Which is fine, but it probably means people reading this don’t know much about what I do or what’s going on in my life. I think I want to steer this blog more to capturing the events, activities and moments (life stuff) rather than the thoughts, insights, teaching.

Firstly, I reckon there are lot’s more clever people writing what I’m writing, more eloquently and with more thought behind them. Not that that’s an excuse for people to not write – obviously – otherwise how’d we grow. But secondly, one of the reason’s I started the blog was to record the journey God’s taking me on. My “thinking” has been recorded in prayer journals and sermons and unfinished word documents attempting to become one-day books of awesomeness. But my day to day existence, my journey, my jobs and friendships isn’t really documented anywhere. I want this place to be a website I can look back on for memories, not for cringing moments of regret (how did I ever think that!) and I’m sure I’ll still cringe at photo’s and the way I write.

So consider this blog post#1 of a new start. A new edition of clay jar.

I’m not sure at the frequency of posts, I’m trialling once a week with a Monday evening/Tuesday morning deadline. I’ve had  a great time tonight writing for this page and my shared-blog with my brother, a glass of whisky and a quiet flat to myself. So we’ll aim for this again next week.

Thanks for tuning in and for ‘liking’ these posts – it’s very encouraging!

P.S. This also means I won’t be finishing the Systematic Theology posting series. But I can’t recommend enough the notes on this webpage if you’re interested. P.s.s For those who care about me learning this stuff: I’m still working my way through it, and I think joining with a friend soon to discuss our findings from it (God-willing!) Hopefully I’ll be finished 2019 still. We’ll see.

P.S.S. I’m growing a beard


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