Approaching 200 followers…

I got a notification from WordPress this morning letting me know someone else had ‘followed’ my blog, bringing the total to 199. I realised I was quickly running out of time to write this post!

I am under no delusion, that many of the ‘followers’ don’t read my posts and may not even be involved in blogging anymore. Furthermore, I suspect that likely less than 10% of this number actually ‘follow’ along with every post. This does not bother me. I’m not a very consistent blogger at the best of times, my posts vary in frequency, quality and effort. But I am encouraged by this notification, undoubtedly!

I am grateful to have this platform. This little place on the internet, I can call my personal soapbox. Where I can tentatively and cautiously, help others pursue God’s heart. Where I can share updates from my life, ideas that I’ve come across, sermons I’ve heard and books I’ve read. It is a place where I can process thoughts, theology and situations with the modern day ‘pen and paper’. And for this I am grateful.

Many people throughout my five year “tenure” here have encouraged me with comments, ‘likes’ and even REAL LIFE affirmations from friends.

It is an odd thing blogging, and I’m still not certain how I want to approach it, let alone should approach it. But I intend to keep going. Thanks to anyone who has supported in any way this endeavour.

…I would also like to congratulate myself for a great effort.

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