Sunday Summary – 21st March 2021

One of the ways I remember what I got up to each week is by looking at my phone’s photos. Turns out this week I didn’t take many. So lets start backwards with today and see how far back I can go?

What I watched – This Sunday wife and I sat down for a rare film-night. We watched: ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA , a pretty awesome film on Amazon with Daniel Radcliffe about a true story prison escape. If you’ve ever had trouble with the keys to your front door when you are desperate to get in the house, you will feel these guy’s pain. Amazing film, slow paced but incredibly tense. Edge of my seat most of the film.

What I preached – This Sunday saw me step up to the pulpit (or at least up to the webcam on my desktop) and deliver the first sermon I’ve given to our Church for a whole year. Back in the day, I was preaching roughly once a month. But I took a year off all “church ministry” tasks, for a host of reasons (not enough time to go into on this post). Anyway, this week was my first time back in a while. Man, how good it feels.

There is a line in Chariots of Fire, when the main character is asked why he runs. The guy responds that when he runs, that is when he feels God’s pleasure. I think it is a similar feeling for me when I preach. I love the whole process, putting together the talk and delivering it. I am so grateful to be starting the cogs again on this gift.

The passage was Mark 10:35-45, I’ll probably get round to posting the sermon notes on here at some point.

What I ate – HelloFresh is definitely the subscription service that we both appreciate the most in our lives at the moment. Learning how to cook continues to be a delight. Since we are both working from home, we’ve been trialling our ‘hot meals’ for lunch and having sandwiches in the evening. Not only does this give us an extra hour or so at the end of the day, but it also means we can moderate how much we eat in the evening depending on how hungry we actually are.

What I lifted – This week past marks the end of week 6 of 12 of my workout programme. Since I’d done all my cardio and weightlifting sessions by Friday, I decided to throw in a ‘bonus workout’ Sunday morning. Using my much neglected barbell (I’m usually using Dumbells) I experimented with overhead shoulder press, back barbell squats and a few heavy deadlifts. Felt like a real simple and powerful workout.

What I worked on – This week at work things are finally beginning to settle down. No overtime. But we did have two very significant oversight committees for the clinical trial I coordinate. They both went well, and the independent group gave their approval for our trial to continue. Hurrah! It was very encouraging to hear their feedback and how happy they were with our work.

What else I worked on – For the last few weeks a friend and I have been joining mutual zoom calls between 7-8.30 in the morning. And we both have worked on our own little side projects. For him this involves doing some research and foundation laying for a business idea he wants to trial. For me, this means editing! I’ve been working at a random chapter (11) which is about encouragement. It’s the first chapter I’ve really started to tackle in terms of editing. But it seems to be coming along nicely – even if a little slowly.

What am I reading? – Good question! After my recent post about being mentored by authors. I have started down the road of reading Mulholland’s first book: Shaped by the Word. It has been a really challenging book (although I am hoping to post about that too at some point). So far the main take away point has been a question. Do I approach the Bible for my own benefit, or to let it have it’s way in me?

How I experimented? – This week saw me ask the question, what is the point of a tea pot?! Surely it is just more washing up? In order to experiment, I used my coffee press to brew 3 teabags and see if I could tell the difference? In short, not much difference, although I have to admit, the tea was a lot hotter than it usually is by the time brewing is done.

Anything else? – I have almost finished Assassin’s Creed. I’m trying to find all the flags as I go along, but it really does take away from the story when you spend hours looking round Damascus for one single small flag. (Oh the pains of a completionist!)

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