Sunday Summary 28th March 2021 – Wake up call!

This week has been so eventful! Unfortunately I can’t talk too much about the bits that are really juicy. Perhaps next week. Instead of a lengthy one this week, we’re going to keep it short and sweet. (I’ll make up for it next time!)

What I’m waiting for…John Piper’s Providence, has ironically been set back another week or so. I was expecting to start reading it beginning of January, but it seems when John Piper writes a book on Providence the whole western-evangelical Christian world wants to get a copy. Alas, I’m really enjoying my ‘mentoring sessions’ with Robert Mulholland! Will be posting on this soon as well!

What I’m listening to?… This week in my cardio workout, I randomly decided to start the Hobbit audiobook. Such a profound chapter, I feel like Bilbo’s world getting turned upside down with the unexpected party, has a lot of similarities to becoming a Christian. On my commute to work, I picked up on my friend’s sermon series, going through Acts.

Chance encounters? Wife and I had an unexpected conversation with the old youth worker for our church this week. He was saying/prophesying (we’re still to decide)…that we needed to check out an organisation in the West Midlands that is seeking to plant 1000 Churches to transform the city. I’m intrigued. Hopefully more on this next week?! I’m meeting for an outdoor walk with him this week.

What I’m sad about? My colleague who helps me with the trial I coordinate for part of my job – is leaving! He’s got a month left with us, (including the Easter break!) before he backs his bags to move back home in a country far away! It’s going to be a difficult transition, this guy carried a lot of work with such a positive ‘can do’ spirit. But it’s going to be tough losing someone who has become very much a friend.

Any other highlights? Well, I had a bit of a wake up call recently about my body weight. Nothing too significant, but saw a photo that was taken just before lockdown started. And realised, not walking to and from work everyday over the span of a year has slowly been having an effect. So I’ve downloaded the Myfitnesspal app, and have started calorie counting again. I don’t think it will take too long, I’ve been pretty good with exercise, but a month of tracking what I’m eating and trying to make some healthier decisions should set me back on course easy enough.

Now I’m off to play some last minute 4-player chess with the usual suspects!

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