Goals for April 2021

At the beginning of March I set out with some goals for the month ahead. The month has flown by and it’s time to review, reflect and set some goals for April.

Goals for March below response in italics.

  • Get a haircut as soon as possible! – Didn’t happen I think the rules will change in UK to allow this in April. Still up there on my list!
  • Get back into blogging aiming for at least 3 posts a week – Totally didn’t hit this! I think I managed it 1 out of 4 weeks. But looking back, I did hit it twice a week. I’m happy with this.
  • Get back on with book editing*. – This was really important to me and I’m glad to say I managed it. Meeting online with a friend for at least an hour each most weekday mornings really did help. I’m hoping to continue this practice after the Easter holidays.
  • Continue with my exercise regime* Happy to say that I am now a solid way through week 8 (which is a planned rest week).
  • Finish re-reading* ‘Building below the waterline’ – Gordon MacDonald – Done and made good progress on Shaped by the Word.
  • Complete Assassin’s Creed 1 on the xbox – Done! Starting the second game this weekend!
  • Prepare and give the talk for Church on Sunday 21st – Done! Went really well, am very happy with it, will try and upload a link when the Church put it on the website.
  • Look into joining the worship Rota. – Done, and actually led worship once this month at our church! Was a fantastic feeling and it really feels right to be using gifts again.

Goals for April 2021:

  • Still need a haircut!
  • Continue book editing daily practice (ideally finish the chapter on encouragement)…I am thinking to take 2nd-7th April off for the holidays. Will pick it up again afterwards, try and invite some more to join us.
  • Continue exercise regime (I think I’ll have almost, if not, finished my 12 week programme by the end of April!)
  • Resume evening quiet times…At the beginning of the year I started doing evening times with God. It was a counter balance to my morning ones where I focused on reading large quantity of Scriptures and study. The evening ones were more focused on worship and prayer and meditating on small portions of scripture.
  • Limit video game playing to weekends – had a lot of fun with the AC game this month. But I think I actually get more enjoyment out of it, when I don’t get to play it whenever I want. For some reason too much time, makes me get caught up too much in the perfectionism of completing and makes the games seem more like a chore than a relaxation.
  • At work, prepare for the loss of a colleague. There is a lot of prep that needs to be done and systems which need to be firmly in place before he goes. It’s my job to calibrate and initiate these measures. I want the end of April to come knowing I gave this my best.
  • Finish book five of the Wheel of Time series
  • Try and hit 10,000 steps each day. After seeing how my daily average has dropped since lockdown started, I need to get this back in place soon.

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