Sunday Summary 11th April 2021 – No excuses!

Wife is cooking Sunday meal right now, so I’ve got no excuses for not getting a Sunday summary blog out this week!

Who I’ve seen?! Over Easter went round my parents for a fire pit and some pulled-pork burgers! Was really great to see them, we’ve not really connected in person since before Christmas. So we finally received our Christmas presents from my uncle and aunt, who’d met up with my parents a few weeks prior! I got a fancy nice new jumper, I’m a big fan of their styling.

Now that the lockdown rules are easing have also met with a few friends, 1-on-1 for walks round the park nearby the flat. It’s been so good to see old friends again.

What I’ve been enjoying the novelty use of?! Myfitness Pal. Is an app to track calories and macros. At the end of last month, I had a bit of a wake up call about my weight and fitness. Decided I needed to get on the health hype, and finally start incorporating some cardio back into my regime. As well as paying attention to my diet. It has been eye-opening tracking calories and macros these last few weeks, along with daily weight measurements. I know for some this is a slippery slope and not good for mental health. But for me, it feels a bit like a game. Trying to meet my protein and carb goals whilst at the same time staying under sugar and fat.

HelloFresh let us down for the first real time last week. So we didn’t get our usual package of weekly meals. We took it as a learning opportunity to practice what we’ve learnt these last 30 weeks (oh, how time flies!). We did a proper food shop, and tried to get all the good ingredients for cooking our own lovely meals. I must admit, we did end up with two takeaways and an oven cooked pizza. So I think we’ve still got a way to go. But I did cook a really fancy beef and pasta meal. I made my own sauce, used garlic and all kinds of seasoning and vegetables. I also tried a chicken fried rice with veg meal. Turned out super bland. But definitely helped my reach my macro goals.

What I finished?! Last week saw me finish the first of Robert Mulholland’s books: Shaped by the Word. Wow! Such a good read, so challenging and thought provoking. Have written up a study guide and book summary (will share on the blog at some point soon). I’m now re-reading the second book (Invitation to a Journey). And will move on to A Deeper Journey. Then the decision is, which author next….At the moment I’m torn between CS Lewis, Dallas Willard and John Pipers trilogy on the Bible and preaching.

What I’ve watched? Have been cutting back on video games this month, and so Saturday morning came and rather than loading up AC. I chose a film on Netflix: Inside Man. It’s a heist ish film. With a pretty good cast. I think the ending could have been a bit tighter, but still a good watch.

Anything else noteworthy? I got a few videos I need to upload to youtube. And purchased a new pair of jeans. When I was in the office recently, I enjoyed a flat white from Starbucks….oh how I’ve missed those! Taylor Swift released (re-released) her first album this week with a few new tracks….Aside from that…I think I’ll have to go now, dinner smells ready!

Will try and take some more photos this week.

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