Bible Read Through – ‘Make every effort’!

I didn’t get round to tracking the exact locations of each of my readings this week. But I’m using Luke as my NT, and Deuteronomy as OT, didn’t get anything too significant from the Psalm/Proverbs passages this week. As usual, my three favourite things:

  1. OT – Be grateful and remember God in the times of blessing. Remember it is He who gives us the ability to produce wealth. It’s definitely easier to forget God when things are going well and smoothly. This passage reminds me to remember God and be grateful in the good times.
  2. NT – There were a few passages this week in the gospel of Luke which alluded to the return of Jesus. A lot of reminders and commands to ‘be ready’, to ‘not be caught off guard’. Etc. One phrase that really stuck out to me was ‘make every effort to enter in by the narrow way’. So often, I see myself making a half-hearted effort. Jesus reminds us that it’s not easy getting into God’s Kingdom, we must pursue it with all our being. (Caveat – God’s grace is always there, both to spur us on in this pursuit and to catch us when we inevitably fall short). Nevertheless, I am struck by a longing to ‘make every effort’.
  3. NT – A final point on a related note. Jesus told a story about a rich man who hosted a party and invited his friends. But the friends made excuses. I have to do this, I have to do that etc…One man was like ‘I’ve just married and need to be with my wife’. The read through commentary I use, made a remark, that this man should’ve BROUGHT HIS WIFE!…Again, I am challenged in my outlook on witnessing for Jesus. I have been invited to a great party, I can either not go and be distracted by other people, OR I can invite other people to join us!

One final Bible thought I’ve been wrestling with is from Genesis 1:1-2. It says: ‘In the beginning’… God picked a moment, out of eternity, where in He decided to create the world. Just like Job, I find myself questioning God’s timing. When I am interrupted from my plans, when I don’t meet my deadlines because of x,y,z…I am tempted to fret and doubt. Instead, like Job, I should take comfort in the fact that God chose the timings of creation (for His glory, for our good) independent of our own plans and intentions. I have really tried this week to trust God more with the timings of things.

Thanks for reading.

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