By grace we rest, by grace we work

It takes faith to keep the Sabbath.

We need faith that God is going to look after our work while we rest. He is in control and never grows weary.

We need faith that God’s timing is right. As Gandalf said a wizard is never late nor is he early. Sometimes we are tempted to work because we are worried about deadlines…faith recognises God has ordained the times.

We need faith that God will carry our reputation rather than our “work ethic”. Another temptation to work on the sabbath comes because we want to be perceived as hard workers, who give everything to their job, we want to maintain an image (that perhaps we have it all together). Faith abandons a reputation by works and accepts a reputation bestowed. For we know that God delights to use the weak, foolish and unacceptable.

I believe it is Ezekiel 20:12 that says: keep the sabbath because it will remind you that it is the Lord who makes you holy. Let us not be mistaken, our work (however good, hard or noble it is) will never make us more or less valuable to God.

By grace we work, by grace we rest. Let us not ignore one blessing for the sake of greed for the other.

I write this post because this weekend I was sorely enticed to work on the sabbath. And I need to be reminded of these truths.

If you are struggling with keeping the sabbath come to Jesus like the desperate father: I do have faith, but help me with my lack of it!

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