Sunday Summary 18th April 2021 – “Greener Pastures” (Coming to you all on a Monday)!

Apologies, had a very chilled out weekend, and didn’t want to spoil the lazy days with some writing effort. Nevertheless, I have had a pretty fantastic week, so it definitely is worth sharing, remembering and archiving for a future self to enjoy later on!

Who I saw!? Lockdown rules are slowly lifting and we can now meet with small groups in private gardens. Which has meant I’ve had a couple of evenings this week hosting friends for a chill out hour or so on our back porch, drinking coffee. The first came on Tuesday, he was the old youth worker at our Church, now moved on to “greener pastures” and was talking to me about some exciting Church planting movement in Birmingham. Watch this space!

The next person was (funnily enough) another old youth worker at our Church. Who has also moved on to greener pastures. This person also happens to be my Dad! Was great to catch up, enjoy the view and talk about various exciting things.

What I lost?! I know these things fluctuate, and I might have caught myself on a good day. But at the beginning of last week I weighed in at 85Kg…this morning weighed myself at 83.6! I know it’s a worrying amount of weight to lose in a week, but I’m not too concerned as I’d been fluctuating around the 84.x figures all week. So to have dropped down into the 83, makes me quite happy. The plan is to get to 82.5Kg and then review (aka: get wife’s opinion on if I need to stop, or carry on). Watch this space.

Have been eating very clean, literally measuring out portions on everything and trying to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight for a week. (This has been the hardest part – thank God for supplements!). Along with exercise, results are beginning to show. Even if it was sad that I could only have a small portion of Ben and Jerry’s on Sunday đŸ˜‰

Ironic moment?! Wife and I watched some video by Gordon Ramsey about 50 top tips for cooking at home. Very good fun we laughed a lot as we realised we’ve been making a lot of errors for the five years we’ve been married! Anyway, one of the tips was about sharpening knives. Ramsey, said counter-intuitively, blunt knives are dangerous in the kitchen. It kind of made sense, so we went into the other room and started sharpening knives.

Very next day, sliced open a bread role, (with bad technique- clearly!) and low, I now discovered how dangerous sharp knives can be (picture right at the end, if you are squeamish!)

Best moment at work this week?! No, it wasn’t the fact that I nailed the two important reports and presented some badass updates on the trial I’m coordinating! No, it wasn’t cheeky double attendance at Starbucks for flat whites and millionaire shortbread cake! It wasn’t even my scintillating jokes on our team’s Teams chat! No the highlight for me this week is truly bittersweet. We’re preparing for the loss of a colleague…it so happens that he also is moving off to greener pastures.

As my closest teammate at work, it had fallen on my shoulders to arrange some farewell gifts and a card. But because I’m a creative-joe, I’ve not made it easy on him. See below:

We’ll get to watch this unfold on a team video conference later this week!

Anyway, here is a picture of my knife wound this week, I took the photo the following day so the blood and flapping skin had recovered a little:

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