The 5am Club

Recently went on holiday with some childhood friends to Wales, and decided I’d sneak in a cheap kindle read. Indulging in a cheesy “self-help” book, one I didn’t have to take too seriously and one that would require very little changes in my life (I already wake at 5 most days). But at the same time, potentially could help me refine my routine and sharpen up my mornings.

What I learned?

1) It’s helpful to start with 20mins of cardio first thing after waking. I’ve started doing this since getting back. Totally agree.

2) To spend the first 90 minutes at work, in an uninterrupted focus state. Then work in 60 minutes slots followed by a 10 minute break. This has been really helpful! I’ve managed to stay focused consistently throughout the day, and surprisingly my work days have gone by so quickly as a result. This tip was very helpful.

3) The Five Daily Goals…One of the tasks which this book encouraged me to do in my morning routine – was to write down 5 goals for the day ahead that would make the day awesome! On my workdays, I divide these up to 3 work-related and 2 personal-related. On the weekend it’ll all be personal goals.

For a cheap book on Amazon I’d recommend. There were a lot of cringe worthy moments, like when the characters continually compliment the author’s ideas. And when they use very cliche slang. But definitely achieved what I wanted it to.

What next?

Back in normal life, and I’ve picked up my third C.S.Lewis book to move forward with. Have loved my first two.

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