Benefits of Blogging

Since re-starting my blogging endeavours, it’s not taken long to appreciate the familiar benefits.

  1. Encouraged to learn more. In order to continue writing it helps to have fresh material. Becoming a life long learner is also one of the ways that I pursue God’s heart – through a posture of receptivity and learning.
  2. Encouraged to reflect more. I remember around this time last year I began weekly summary’s on a Sunday. It turned out these posts got a disproportionate amount of views compared to my previous ones. Disproportionate, because they were a lot easier to write. However, they did require me to engage in the practice of reflecting on my week. What did I get up to? How did I spend my time? Who did I meet?
  3. Sharpened my writing skills. I’ve never considered myself a true “word’s-smith”. More like a blunt hammer than a fine art illustrator. However, the process of regularly being to put writing “out there” is like putting oil on a rusty hinge. Inevitably I’m getting incrementally better the more I do it.
  4. Keeps me grounded. I remember when I was a teenager, newly converted to Christianity and very passionate about stirring up all the people in my Church to be as excited as I was. (How arrogant!). However, in my naivety I started a small group for my friends, we’d meet on a weekly basis and I’d preach and lead some worship. The fact that there was often only 5 people show up, did not deter me. In fact, I told myself I was doing it all “for the audience of One”, after my favourite speaker (Mike Pilavachi). When it comes to blogging, I feel I am writing for an equally small audience. But it is not the number of views or likes I want to be measuring, but the reaction of God who has been speaking to me.

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