Morning Routine with Rewards

Since the beginning of June, I’ve been setting my alarm for 4.45 so I can take part in the 5am Club (after reading a book by the same name). It’s been really good and has helped me get a lot done. But this last week has been tough.

With essentially 3-4 hours worth of “free time” in the morning before I need to start work, it is so easy to cram it full of productive activities: Exercise, Bible Study, Journalling, Prayer, Writing, Reading, taking Online courses etc. But with all this effort, it’s also important to fill the time with things I enjoy.

This week, as the alarm clock has begun to sound more and more like something I can/should/want to ignore. I’ve needed to recognise that waking up early and having free time, should also be filled (at least in part) with activities that I find relaxing and rewarding.

For example, today (or yesterday) I woke up, did my 20 mins cardio, quiet time, study, weightlifting session…and then – it was 8am – I decided I would spend 30mins or so simply reading some fantasy fiction I’d been enjoying recently.

Man, now I’m looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow, for that session of leisurely reading.

It’s important that in all our endeavours, we make time to rest and enjoy…to appreciate the work we’ve done.

I think of God at the end of creation, resting, sitting back and admiring the beautiful world He’d made. I don’t want to push myself too hard on the path of “spending my time well” that I lose sight of the joys within life.

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