Hybrid-Training: The plan

One of the ideals of fitness that I’ve held onto is the ability to lift weights and run long distances. To have good strength as well as endurance. My issue is that I really struggle to get motivated with the cardio aspect of this goal…(and dieting!..but that’s not the focus here!)

For probably around 10 years I’ve been lifting weights with moderate consistency, it’s pretty much a habit. Although I’ve varied in my approaches moving from daily workouts to every-other-day, back and forth. High reps (12-15), mid range reps (8-12) and low reps (5-8). Cycling through “bro splits”, full-body workouts, isolated body parts etc etc.

Getting the weight lifting into my life is no problem, almost second nature now. The problem comes with running, or maintaining any sort of cardio.

What has happened over the last two years, is I’ll get the motivation to start running, and go from 0km to 10km in around a month, running regularly. Each run increasing the distance. But usually, once I hit that 10km mark, I give up for about 6 months. After 6 months I’ll do it all again.

However, I’d like to try and maintain my running-fever for over a month this time. So I’m trying something new. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The plan is to run 5-6km each weekday morning and stay at that distance. In theory, it will be sustainable, because it only takes me around 30mins to do that. (This morning I managed 5.64km in 30mins 51 seconds – not bad for my first go back into this for a good 6 months, not to mention a whole pepperoni pizza takeaway the night before!).

I’m then moving my weight lifting sessions out of the morning routine and into the post-work (5pm) session. My thinking behind this, is that I’m probably going to lift the weights whether I feel like it or not, it’s more important to me, so I can relegate it to the final portion of my day.

I’m planning to get back into writing the Sunday summaries again, so will write an update on how the week has gone then.

3 thoughts on “Hybrid-Training: The plan

  1. Great goal! I like the idea of getting into the consistency of running 5k daily.

    I’m the opposite in that I struggle to stay motivated to lift haha. Maybe we’ll be able to inspire each other.

    What have you found ends up being your biggest de-motivator once you hit that 10k mark?

    Keep up the good work,

    Kyle, The Travel Runner

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    • Hi Kyle!
      Hmmm, I think the biggest de-motivators are probably 1) beyond 10k takes more time than I want to be spending running per day, 2) also running 10k seems to zap so much energy for the rest of the day and 3) I get a feeling like I’ve made it and then just throw in the towel, and don’t bother maintaining it. My friend tells me, I should just try and do the 10k faster rather than just focusing on increasing distance.

      Thanks for your commenting!

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      • I can understand that. The time it takes especially is a big negative for a lot of people.

        I would say I disagree on the aspect of getting the runs over faster, depending on your goals of course.

        Slower running at an easy pace has been shown to help a lot with cardio increases. Plus, it doesn’t put too much stress on your body (therefore possibly saving you some energy that you wouldn’t have had later on). Just my (not asked for) two cents.

        Good luck!


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