Faithful Managers of the Mysteries of God

I’ve been studying and praying through God’s creation of mankind recently in Genesis 1:26-28. One of the lenses I’ve looked at these verses through is in terms of all the gifts God has given humanity in Creation.

  1. The Earth as our inheritance
  2. A Numerous and lasting family to enjoy this inheritance (a result of the blessing of God)
  3. Dominion over the earth and all it’s creatures.

To an extent these gifts have been lost, or at least blurred, to us as a result of our sinful rebellion again God. There are places on the earth where we could not receive due to earthquakes, drought or famine. There are many difficulties and complications for a lot of people when it comes to growing a stable family. Even if we can have kids, these are likely to rebel and may even turn away from us. We repeatedly fail to care for, nurture, guard and take full advantage of the earth. More often we destroy, harm and greedily rob the earth of it’s resources, beauty and life.

However, fortunately, God did not abandon us, because of our sin. In fact, He sent Jesus to restore creation, and reconcile ‘all things’ to Himself again. So that we may be competent ministers and stewards of His creation again.

  1. Our Inheritance: Ephesians 1:3 tells us that as Christians (as “second Adams”) we have inherited ‘every spiritual blessing’. Philippians 1:11 says that through Jesus, we have inherited the fruit of righteousness. One author explains that when we become Christians we are more fully able to represent God to creation and receive His creation as a gift.
  2. Our Family: The Bible tells us that as Christians we have been fostered into God’s family the Church. Ephesians 4:16 details how Christ is the head of this family and is working to build it up through us – it’s members! Philippians 1:27 says that we are now ‘citizens of heaven’. Our family is no longer limited to those who share our bloodlines, but to the family of Jesus.
  3. Our Dominion: Sticking with our two epistles, Ephesians and Philippians, as Christians we have a new found dominion. Whereas before Adam and Eve rejected the authority God gave them over creation, letting the snake reign over them (see also Cain who let Sin crouch at his door, overcome him). On the other hand, as Christians, we are equipped to stand firm in our fight against the rules, the authorities, the cosmic powers, evil and spiritual forces of this world – see Ephesians 6:10-13. Moreover, Paul teaches the Philippians that all we must do is seek God in petition and prayer and God will provide. Not only do we have dominion, but we are made dependent on Him for our dominion (see also John 15).

May we pray, Lord help us to see our inheritance, our family and our dominion. May we see it and recognise it so that we might step into it more fully. Lord, spur us on and equip us, fill us with the Holy Spirit that we might be a servant of Christ and faithful managers of the mysteries of God (1 Corinthians 4:1-2).

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