Evening Reflections

For quite some time now I have wanted to introduce a habitual time of reflection into each evening.

It would be a time to look back, prayerfully and thoughtfully, on the day passed and consider:

  1. Where was God in these moments? In the big events and meetings, but also in the mundane. In the things I heard and the things I thought, where was God and what do I sense He has been trying to speak to me?
  2. How did I behave? What did I do well, where did I fall short? If there are particular activities I engaged in that refreshed me and were there some that depleted me.
  3. What did I learn? About God, about myself, about my work, my friends and family, about the world etc.
  4. Who did I bless and who did I harm, where do I need to make amends, try better or see more fully.
  5. How can I live tomorrow in light of today?

I’m sure there are more questions and things to ponder, but above is a small list.

This last week, I have finally managed to get something remotely consistent when it comes to evening reflections. But it’s not been with my journal, a pen and paper at hand, sitting in a dark room with candles and atmospheric music…rather, it’s been with a sponge and soap – washing the dishes.

Instead of cleaning up the mess from the night before in the morning (which I used to do!), I’ve been experimenting with doing them in the evening. I know it’s super trivial! But it’s provided a space for me to connect with God and reflect on my day gone past.

As of today, I’d recommend giving it a go.

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