What disturbs you?

One of the things I have found is that God likes to disrupt areas of my life where I am not trusting Him completely. Be that in my work, relationships, hobbies or even in my spirituality and religion.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of (attempting to) “put God in a box”. To turn my Bible reading into a tick box exercise, to turn prayer into an activity that I do in my own power – rather than through abiding in the One who makes prayer possible.

And if it is possible to shut God out in “spiritual disciplines” how much more prone might I be in other areas of my life.

But, not to worry, God is a master at teaching, He is a Father who disciplines us and directs us towards becoming more like Jesus. (Romans 8:29).

In order to do this, God will sometimes make things uncomfortable.

This is when we need to pay attention. Robert Mulholland, says: ‘precisely at these points in my life…where I regularly encounter something that disturbed me, upsets me, troubles me, throws me off balance in either my perceptions or my feelings. With consistent regulator it you, these experiences become God’s knocking upon the closed doors of my life. There are the points where God chooses to begin a new work of growth towards wholeness in my being’.

Maybe you are disturbed by a relationship at work, or frustrated with a repetitive moral failure? Perhaps you are beginning to feel uncomfortable with the amount of wealth you have in contrast with others, or how much time you spend aimlessly on YouTube! This could be God’s knocking on the door of your heart.

Revelation 3 speaks of Jesus knocking on the lukewarm hearts of believers. Perhaps there is an area of your life right now that disturbs you. Perhaps this is Jesus, knocking for your attention.

What disturbs you?

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