Personal Growth and Study Projects

Over the last few years I’ve undertaken a few self-initiated study and personal development projects. A couple of examples:

– Working through Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology book, taking notes and reflecting on the questions for each chapter.

– Taking an online course at Biola Learn on Spiritual Formation and reading through Robert Mullholland’s books all on the theme of letting God form me and submitting to His purposes rather than controlling the ship myself.

I’ve also done a few for less “spiritual” related reasons:

– A writing course at LinkedIn learning, on ‘deep level’ editing

– A weekend seminar series on communication skills and giving presentations.

I think the time has come to start another.

Leadership Emergence Theory with Dr. J Robert Clinton.

I’m fairly familiar with Clinton’s work, have read and re-read his popular book: The Making of a Leader (MAOL), whilst studying at university and then again a few more times since graduating. (It almost feels like a yearly/bi-yearly ritual).

When I first started my job at Cancer Research I also undertook a Personal Study/Growth Project using his ‘Focused Lives’ handbook. This was hands-down the most enriching self-study project I’ve ever undertaken. I credit it for helping me produce a large part of the book that I’m currently “writing” (finished first draft last year, now on the endless task of editing it down!).

Leadership Emergence Theory, is captured in a book/manual he has written which he used to teach at Fuller Seminary. It is almost like an expanded, less accessible version of the MOAL.

At the moment I’m a little torn as how to record the journey, using my journal or taking advantage of this blogging platform to cement the ideas/take them deeper and more personally. Maybe a bit of both, blogging to present the concepts, journaling to prayerfully process the ideas.

Wish me luck.

(If you want to join me, I think you can get a copy for less than £15 from Eden. I think I’ll be going at a relatively slow pace at first, at least until I finish off a couple of other books I’m reading through)

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