Sunday Summary (22nd August 2021) – Won’t be driving for Jack Bauer anytime soon!

I believe this marks 3 weeks of consistent blogging! I’ve been aiming for posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In light of this, and with no hopes to jinx it, I’m going to try and reintroduce Sunday Summaries.

So what’s been going on?

1) Men’s breakfast for two! Now that COVID is beginning to calm down and the rules are getting a little more relaxed the men’s breakfast group is beginning to rouse itself from it’s long slumber. We had our first get together on Saturday, but because of the holiday season only two of us made it. Still it worked out well and we both had a lot to catch up on.

2) Crazy Driving lesson! As some of you may know I’ve been learning to drive over the last few months. However this week saw me almost have my first crash! Pulling into a roundabout without being 100% sure it was safe, turns out to be pretty dangerous! Thankfully the instructor’s ‘Jedi-reflexes’ saved both our skins. But it was a close call. After getting over my shaking, he assured me it was far better to make this mistake while learning than in ‘real life’. I agree.

3) Reading on sexuality and gender issues. Our Church is going through a series exploring the issues around this, what the Bible says, and (perhaps most importantly) how the Bible gives us principles with which to frame our discussion. It’s been really interesting and a learning arena for all of us together. As someone who’s contributed a talk and has another one coming up next month, I feel responsible to educate myself on the various points of view on this issue. But the pool of resources is so large, I’ve been grateful to have someone in the Church send me two books that he’s read and said were good places to start. Am excited to see where God is leading us as a Church in this area.

4) Wife and I finished (re-)watching the first season of 24. We relied on this tv show throughout our dating in university. And now, 6 or so years later, we decided we re-watch and see if it’s still as good. It definitely is, however, we’ll probably give it a while before starting season 2. It definitely is very binge-worthy.

5) Working with my sister! Over the last two weeks the Clinical Trial’s Unit I work at (coincidently another C.T.U), has desperately needed some help getting on top of all the loose paperwork which has accumulated over a year and half of remote working. My double-vaccinated sister was a perfect candidate to help us! And it really has been a great experience, a great chance for us to catch up properly about all kinds of things!

6) A video call to discuss God’s sovereignty. Lastly, this week saw a few of my friends who are also reading through John Piper’s book: Providence, meet virtually to discuss the chapters on God’s sovereignty amidst suffering. I posted a week or so ago, some of my half-formed thoughts on the chapter when I first read it. Since having a conversation these ideas have definitely been challenged and stretched. And I’m thinking there is a lot more nuance to have on the discussion than first assumed! This is one of the reasons it is so good to study theology within a group, because a book in itself provides limited capacity for growth. We need to sharpen each other and really put ideas through the test.

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