Sunday Summary (29th August 2021) – Leonidas never had a Naanizza!

What we’ve been cooking?! For those of you who have been following the blog for a while, we’ve been using a service called HelloFresh basically since COVID-19 began. We finally decided, five or so years into marriage that the time had come for us to learn how to cook.

And a year on from then, we’re still using HelloFresh and still learning to cook. This week we had a few awesome meals which we are keeping the recipe’s for! One of which was the Naanizza pictured above. Which is basically Pizza on Naan bread! Unfortunately for my wife (but fortunately for me!) two of the ingredients were sweetcorn and chorizo. So I had double portions on mine and she had extra cheese! We also had the most amazing Mac n’Cheese, which didn’t last long enough for me to take a photo!

What we’ve been watching?! Yes, last week we finished 24 season 1. This week we dipped our toes into a TV show called gogglebox. Which is basically watching other people watch TV. Yes, we were disgusted by the very concept of such a show at first. But, how the turns have tabled! I’ve been trying to put my finger on why it works so well. Here is my attempt at an explanation: I think gogglebox works well, because you feel like you are watching tv with really funny friends. I would definitely recommend it moving forwards. Even if the concept does make you cringe at first.

Takeaway of the week?! No we don’t usually get more than one takeaway per week. But this week we were both craving Nando’s.

Two things I’d like to do better at next week?! This week has seen me not pick up the Wheel of Time book I’m on, even once. Yes, at this rate I will never finish. Usually I’m reading 5-10 pages last thing in the evening before drifting asleep. This week, I’ve just not done any of that. If I’m not careful I will forget what is going on.

Second thing is exercise. I have dropped the ball completely. After a 3 week go of consistency. I started the week on a strong-note with a Monday session. And since then have done naught! This week I’m aiming for 4x full body work outs with 2x10minute sessions on core. On a positive note, I have managed to get in a one hour walk before work each day. So I’m not completely going rogue. Still, walking’s not enough if I want to look like Leonidas from 300 someday!

Most heroic thing I did this week?! Now that is a very important question. And when you’re as heroic as me, you have quite a selection to choose from. But this week, I ought to mention that I got my 2nd jab to help humanity against the COVID virus. (True, not an entirely selfless act!) Nevertheless, as a young man with low risks and no breathing issues, I could have gone without. But, I took one for the human team. Even though the first one gave me a horrible night (not-)sleeping.

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