Sunday Summary (26th September 2021) – Eating, Studying and Walking! (These are a few of my favourite things)

We have finished our first week without HelloFresh supplying our menu and ingredients for food…and overall, we have done a very good job! It’s been a big relief to know we weren’t passively following instructions for the last year and a half but that some of the skills and knowledge has been transferred into our own kitchen.

Half the difficulty with learning how to cook properly is learning how to shop properly. Whereas before, we’d probably making a list of the meals and go out looking for the ingredients. Now we have to sit down and plan out which meals we’ll get, which ingredients we can divide between meals so that none of them go off before it’s time to eat. It has been harder than we first imagined, but it has been well worth it!

A lot of credit to my wife who has devised the shopping list and meal plan for the week!

Walking! One of my favourite past times is walking around in nature. I’ve enjoyed doing this since I was a teenager! Sometime I’ll be listening to music, sermons or audiobooks, and sometimes it’ll just be me and the fresh air!

I find that when I walk I can think most clearly about my dreams, ambitions and my (no pun intended) walk with God.

Studying! At the beginning of the year, as some of you may remember, I decided to read through Robert Mulholland’s triplet of books about Spiritual Formation! After reading them I got in contact with the Transforming Centre, to inquire about a DVD interview between Dr. Mulholland and Ruth Haley Barton. Unfortunately, due to COVID, they had had to close their online shop, but the person I spoke to was very helpful and was able to arrange a one-off delivery of the dvd for me!

Due to logistics and difficulties, it took a while to arrive, but this week it did. And so I settled down this weekend to begin the learning. The DVD is broken into segments with discussion questions (which I have taken to discussing with God!).

It is such a good dvd and I would highly recommend giving it a listen.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I hope everyone has a good week!

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