Trusting God for daily bread

There is part of the Lord’s Prayer that asks God the father for daily bread. It is reminiscent of the Old Testament story of God providing mana from heaven to feed his people in the wilderness.

This week I read Exodus and one of the things that stood out to me and challenged me was God commands surrounding the collection of this mana.

He told his people to collect only what they needed for that day- no more. On the day before the Sabbath (the day of rest) they needed to collect twice as much because the bread wouldn’t come.

However some of the people didn’t trust God for bread the next day so they tried to hoard it and collect more than they needed, just in case there wasn’t enough tomorrow! Of course this turned out badly for them, the extra bread turned mouldy and festered with maggots over night.

This challenged me in the arena of Bible reading. Those of you who follow the blog will know that each week I try and read a book of the Bible each week. (I do this for multiple reasons, I won’t go into now).

However, in a similar way to Gods people I doubt that I will have enough time each day to read the required number of chapters. So I front-end the readings. Reading more chapters on Mon-Wed just in case I don’t get enough time Thursday-Sunday to finish the book.

What the command in Exodus has challenged me to do is to only read each days amount of chapters. No more. This way I need to trust God for the time to meet with him and read his word each day.

It may seem a silly challenge. But as a new Father, time can seem especially limited. Taking this reading to heart has allowed God to prompt me in a step of faith which address my heart.

Now when I pray give us today my daily bread, I am asking God for the time and space to read the amount of Scripture he intends for me each day.

100 caveats could be given about setting Bible reading plans and the dangers of legalism. However all that in mind, do you trust God to provide time each day to search his word.

Some reading will have the opposite problem and they don’t have faith to see that the mana from heaven (Gods word) is good and sweet to taste. For those I urge you step in faith to go out into the camp and collect what sweet bread Gid has provided for you each day.

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