Established in Prayer

When I was a new Christian in my early teens, one of the main arenas of discipleship and spiritual growth for me was the act of worship.

I learnt how to play the guitar so that I could play worship songs. I had singing lessons so I could lead worship in church. In my own little home group (Reverberate) which I started for young people in my church to get together. The main activity was collective spontaneous songs of praise.

In these years God established me in worship.

In my late teens and early twenties, God began to ground me in His word and preaching. I had a mentor who encouraged me to read through the Bible at an extraordinary pace. Studying the lives of preachers. Networking with the local churches I was affiliated with to schedule regular preaching engagements. Reading the Bible through with others.

Gods word and preaching were the next elements of the Christian faith that God established me in.

And now, as the title of this post suggests, I really feel that God wants to establish me in the arena of prayer.

To take particular issues, dreams and problems to God in prayer. To learn about the power of prayerful persistence, not just theoretically, but experientially. To discipline myself in daily praying through he scriptures (not just taking notes – but actually praying about everything I read even if it is only a brief prayer of response to a simple verse!) Committing to meeting with individual Christians to pray together and intercede for various things, people and places. Rather than reading to merely learn and study, instead making prayer the main focus of my Spiritual reading.

Lord in this next season, please establish me in prayer! Amen.

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