Spurgeon’s Treasury of David

My wife recently asked me which was the best Christmas present I got in 2021.

The answer is Spurgeon’s Treasury of David. It is a three book commentary set on the Psalms written by Charles Spurgeon.

In this post I want to explain why I love this set so much and then outline how I am using it in 2022.

Why I like it:

  • I like C. Spurgeon. There is a lot in his life, character, achievements and work that I am drawn to, aspire to and long to see in my own life. Probably needs another post to detail appropriately. But the main thing is that I feel this commentary is a great way to be ‘mentored’ by him.
  • It is thorough. I am far from even scratching the surface and am only on Psalm 4 atm. But what I have read so far is incredible!
  • Once you’ve read through Spurgeon’s exposition of each psalm, he has also included a bunch of quotes from other people that he read. Most of the time I have not heard of any of the people he quotes. But this just gives me such a gratitude that I am part of a multi generational, ongoing Church. It has outlasted millennia and still stands.

How I use it:

I first copy down the Psalm word for word in my journal. Then read through the chapter. Whenever I come across a line or thought that I like, I write a quick little prayer in response.

I am not taking notes or approaching this academically at all, it is ‘merely’ a devotional tool to teach me to pray through the scriptures. To be content with praying rather than learning. In doing so I trust God to be spiritually forming me. Not my notes, not my reading, but through the prayers offered to him who is able to transform me deeply.

If you are looking for a commentary for the Psalms I would recommend this one!

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