Sunday Summary 6th March 2022 – Life as a parent!

Time for another week recap!

It’s been a while coming, having a baby can really put certain activities out of the window. But this week as we’ve started the sleep training process I’ve been able to get my teeth into some tentative blogging again!

And that’s probably the first place to start. We’ve begun sleep training our son. Tonight marks 7 consecutive days.

We’ve been following the “Ferber Method”. I feel a little conflicted sharing this as I know many parents have strong feelings for and against sleep training. And believe me, it was not a decision we made lightly. But after a lot of reading and planning we decided to take the plunge. And seven days in, I can say with a medium-degree of confidence “it was worth it!”.

To read more on my thoughts regarding sleep training you might like this post.

Along with sleep training I had the delight of constructing baby’s first proper bed! For the first few months, he’d been sleeping in a Moses’ basket and then a ‘next-to-me crib’. But thanks to a very generous gift from my uncle we have a cot to put baby in.

It took a bit of difficulty, and I must admit, I put the walls on upside down initially and had to basically start all over again! But got there in the end.

Second big event of the week was meeting a missionary couple who used to mentor us before we were even dating! (Back in our teenage years!) The pair of them guided us through so much, trained me how to lead worship and host small groups! Mentored me through my early years of faith. We owe them an incredible debt! They coached us through godly dating and we joked about it when we saw them this week about how they would always say “don’t take the cake out the oven too early”!

Anyway, they have recently adopted a beautiful baby girl and our kids (of very similar ages) were able to meet for the first time! It was really sweet. I’d love to share a photo here, but I think it’s probably respectful to not!

Thirdly, a weekly summary would not be complete without some food updates. And Pancake week gives us plenty of ammunition. Wife is on vegan diet at the moment and so we got to experience vegan pancakes. Then I went and made some ordinary ones, but used salted butter! So her ended up tasting better than mine! This was especially embarrassing because I’d teased her beforehand that mine would be better because they usually are! Pride comes before a fall!

But wife also taught herself to make Jamaican dumplings and we have been feasting on these!!!

Finally, I want to announce this weekend I picked up the xbox pad for a little gaming session while my son slept in my lap and wife caught some shut eye herself. It was a bit of a treat, but hopefully a sign that I might be able to get back to some more gaming in the near future.

P.S. The news about Ukraine has been heavy on my heart all week. And yesterday I received a newsletter from a missionary couple I know from L’viv saying that they have had to evacuate with their Church to Poland. I just want to end this post by inviting you to pray for this situation and all the people involved. Pray for peace and particularly for families who have been split apart by the conflict. For parents who have lost children, children who have lost parents and for those who have been separated from their families by whatever cause. Amen.

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