All night!

My wife and I have been together a long time, even before we got married I think we had been dating for 5-6 years! In the early days, when I was in the long process of winning her heart – I would make every effort to talk with her!

Back in the day MSN messenger was the platform we used for instant messaging late into the night. At youth group I’d always try and angle a few conversations after the meeting, and after we’d led worship on Sunday’s together I’d be making sure we were taking our sweet time putting away the chord sheets. I could go on and on but it’d probably get a little cringe-worthy!

The point I am making is that I really enjoyed spending time with her. There was a thrill to it – even before we were dating. It didn’t really matter what we were talking about, it would just feel good.

There was a verse in Luke this week that reminded me of this: ‘One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God’. (Luke 6:12).

He spent the night talking to God!

As an adult, there are very few things I would actively choose to stay awake the whole night for. Once or twice before my son was born I managed to stay up til around 3am playing xbox on the weekend. But I imagine for Jesus the prospect of getting to spend a whole night in private talking to God would have been a little like my longing to spend a night talking to my crush.

In my prayers this week I am asking the Holy Spirit to rekindle the wonder, joy and excitement of having a friendship with God.

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