Watch out Roads! – I Passed

Just wanted to quickly share some good news from last week: I passed my driving test!

To be honest it was a pretty nerve racking experience, I don’t usually get too nervous for tests. But this time it was undeniable. Even the examiner told me to calm down! 😀

7 driving faults to my name including a ‘vehicle check’.

But at the end of the day, the training and skill shone through and I got my well-deserved pass certificate!

Very proud to have got this – especially on my first attempt. “it feels good to be a gangster!”.

But like all awards, it’s not mine alone. I had an amazing, if slightly unconventional instructor – Abbas! Who ever since he found out we were having a kid, started calling me “Daddy Paul” much to my wife’s dismay!

Thanks to my wife for looking after the baby all those Saturday mornings and for agreeing to let me “go first”!

And thanks to all the people who prayed for me on the day.

One thought on “Watch out Roads! – I Passed

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