History has it’s eyes on you

I’ve been watching the Hamilton show on Disney+. I was very late to this cultural phenomenon, both my siblings have been recommending it for what feels like years. A few months ago I watch it through during one of my “night-shifts” with the baby. (Back when I was covering 8pm-2am and then sleeping 2am-8am).

I think it is an absolutely fantastic show. Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it took me right back to my school days. I went to a performing arts specialist school and took drama as a GCSE. These two factors, combined with the notion that my English teacher had ridiculously close connections with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Meant that I got to watch some amazing and high quality performances. I also took part in a fair few as part of my education.

So watching the show, I see it in two eyes. Awe at the show and story and music in themselves. And then, a warm familiarity and respect for the work and effort that is going into the performance. How many hours and hours, days upon days, of practice to get the dances, the lines and the energy delivered to such beautiful accuracy.

I harbour a deep respect for live performance actors, especially those who sing and dance the whole time.

Finally reaching my point!

One of the songs which really struck me when I was re-watching the show recently was the lines in the song: ‘History has it’s eyes on you’. It features as one of the characters reminds the main protagonist that the things he decides to do, the causes he joins, the words he writes, will all echo down the corridors of history.

I don’t think I really live with this mindset regularly enough.

I’m reading a biography of Jim Elliot, who was killed as he tried to share the good news about Jesus with a tribe. His wife recounts the story. I’ve often been struck likewise, what would my wife write about me. Would she be able to describe the same faith and conviction for Jesus as Jim Elliot.

In my day to day life, I am trying to spend more time aware of the fact that ‘history has it’s eyes on me’. I doubt I’ll reach the fame and influence status of Hamilton or even Jim Elliot. Nevertheless, I believe that the decisions I make today will have consequences later down the line.

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