Highlights from Titus

From the 22nd to the 27th of August I read through the book of Titus. Below are some of the things which struck me whilst reading:

Areas for Growth

1:7 Whenever I read lists of requirements for elders, overseers, deacons etc in the New Testament my ears perk up. Deep within my soul, I really feel that God has placed this calling on my heart. For now or a later season I couldn’t say. But I know that as part of this, I am called to live by a higher standard. Therefore I try and hold myself to a higher standard. As it happens, when I read this verse three of the issues stood out to me as areas of growth. ‘For an overseer….must not be arrogant, or quick-tempered…or greedy for gain.‘ One of the joys of marriage is that our partners can always spot our sin quickly, and when things get heated…they can be “helpfully” point them out to us. So I have been asking God to work on me in these areas! 😀


1:15 In this verse Paul explains that ‘To the Pure, all things are pure’. In my prayers I asked God to increase my purity so that I could receive all things as pure. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to twist a lot of what is out there in the world into something unhelpful for me.

I am reminded of the beatitudes, in Matthew 5. Jesus says that the pure in heart are blessed, because they will see God. Another benefit of purity is clarity of vision when it comes to seeing God. I think that part of this means that we begin to see Him in all parts of our lives.

Attitude of Adornment

2:9-10 Paul instructs servants to be submissive to their masters…to be well pleasing, not argumentative. SO THAT they may ADORN the doctrine of God. It made me think about my attitude at work. I really want to have an attitude and ethic, which means that when people look at my life and work, they see the truth about God as something attractive.

Training Grace

2:12 We often think about Grace as the means of forgiveness. That Grace means God blessing us by no longer counting our sins against us. This is true. But it is only part of the picture. God’s grace also trains us to walk and live godly lives in the present age.

This struck a chord, because in the same week as reading this verse, I watched a sermon by John Piper about the importance of living a holy life. (I’ll leave a link at the end of the post for anyone interested!)

Devoted to Good Works

3:8 In this verse and then again just before the end of the letter Paul writes to the Christians and encourages them to ‘be careful to devote themselves to good works’. I just liked the wording of this verse and was prompted to consider, what would it look like to be ‘devoted’ to good works.

Devoted is a bit of strong romantic word. When I looked it up in the greek dictionary it seems to be more of a authority word. To maintain good works, to preside over them, to give attention to. It is often used about a pastor’s attitude towards those he leads. (1 Tim 3:4, 5 & 12, 5:17). I wonder if this means that our attitude towards good works, is to nurture them in our lives into fruitfulness.

Stirring up Unity

3:10 In this verse Paul warns against someone who stirs up division in the Church. This propelled me to resolve to be someone who stirs up unity in the Church.

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