Born to Reproduce – Dawson Trotman

This ended up being book 5 of my personal reading project, I squeezed it in when I left book 4 in someone’s car. It’s a short little book, basically a transcription of a talk Trotman gave to the Navigators.

3 main obstacles to discipleship

Trotman uses the analogy of a couple trying to have a baby. He says that there are three main reasons why a couple would not be able to have a baby.

  1. Communion – if the couple don’t actually spend any time together
  2. Illness – if there is something wrong with the health of one the members
  3. Immaturity – if the couple are too young

In the same way these three factors play a role in preventing us as Christians from making disciples:

  1. Communion – we need to be walking, talking and abiding in Jesus. Apart from this we cannot produce fruit.
  2. Illness – this represents sin, if we have sin in our life that we are ignoring, refusing to repent of or trying actively to hide. This can prevent reproduction of the spiritual life.
  3. Immaturity – if we refuse to grow up in Christ, to be disciplined etc.

Another factor that Trotman mentions is business. Not just busy with work or family, but “church business” can prevent us from making disciples.

Coming to the end of the post, I remembered that I wrote elsewhere another summary of this sermon but from hearing the talk. It can be found here.

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