Learning Guitar

Was listening to a random shuffle of the music I’d bought on iTunes lately (have decided to have a month without paying for a subscription service). On came the Desert Song by Hillsong.

A very good song.

I remember when I was learning guitar I found an chord book filled with worship songs. As I was casually flicking through the pages, looking for songs that I knew so I could practice getting the chords right. I came across ‘The Desert Song’, and at the time I’d not heard it in my life before.

But for some reason the lyrics jumped out the page at me, and I wanted to use the chords on the page and make up a melody so I could sing the words. Even if it wasn’t the right tune.

Then later on, when I was sat at a computer, I went onto the internet to have a listen to how the song should actually sound. When I heard it I realised I wasn’t very far off.

Everytime I hear the song, I’m reminded of that moment of just experimenting and learning to play the guitar….and the words still speak to me years later.

Thanks to Hillsong for writing such a cool song!

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