When the books aren’t that good

I’m currently following a set reading list of around 600 books (I think it’ll have me preoccupied for a few years). I want to share more about it in another post. I’ve been posting some summaries here of the books I’ve read, and I’ve taken notes that are waiting to be turned into summaries on here later. Sorry for the wait. Being a father, working full time and getting back into preaching have all been taking their fair shared of time from me. But I’m currently on book 10, and this one…isn’t so good.

But one of the wonderful things about a reading list, is that the list ‘decides’ what you read. Not you. One of the things I’m asking God to do, is open my heart to remain teachable even when faced with a book or author I don’t agree with, or which (like this current one) bores me.

It’s easy to close down to opinions or ideas that we disagree with, or even those which haven’t been eloquently articulated. One of the things I am hoping will come of this process is learning to listen to God’s spirit teach me even through very unlikely sources.

I want to learn to listen better and part of that is being able to read better. Take it in regardless of who is saying it, and how they are saying it. It is a humbling process.

…especially when you realise that the author or book, which I’d “written off” suddenly spurts out some incredibly important insight that I’d not considered before.

Oh how true it is, that God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the “wise”. May I never count myself as too “wise” to learn from others.

Thank you God for allowing me to follow this plan and for using it as an opportunity to teach me.

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