Born to Reproduce – Dawson Trotman

This ended up being book 5 of my personal reading project, I squeezed it in when I left book 4 in someone's car. It's a short little book, basically a transcription of a talk Trotman gave to the Navigators. 3 main obstacles to discipleship Trotman uses the analogy of a couple trying to have a … Continue reading Born to Reproduce – Dawson Trotman

Why I (might be) getting myself another clunky journal

I have always had a soft spot for stationary any journals. My first ever journal accurately documents my determined journey of pursuing a relationship with a girl I fancied (who would later become my wife)! It is therefore a deeply sentimental source of pride, embarrassment, romance and cringe. It captures my prayers, my frustrations, my … Continue reading Why I (might be) getting myself another clunky journal