Lift home anyone?

Fun story. We rented a car recently for a weekend family trip to Somerset to see some friends. It's a two and a half hour trip one way, and I've not driven since I passed my test 6 months ago! So we thought we take the car for a few practice runs on the day … Continue reading Lift home anyone?

Sunday Summary – 13th September “Lockdown Holidays”

And so it comes to the end of a week-long holiday. Truth be told I’ve not been up to much. A lot of walking, reading, playing games and chilling out! BBQ with long-lost Friends My Dad is really getting his BBQ skills practiced this year. It’s odd how an international pandemic has probably resulted with … Continue reading Sunday Summary – 13th September “Lockdown Holidays”

Sunday Summary – 9th August: “First time since March…”

It's time for a weekly review and highlight reel. This last week has been an altogether good week, if slightly uneventful. 1. Yesterday I went to my parents house for a BBQ. It’s the first time I’d been round since March and it was so good to see flesh and blood family, rather digital versions … Continue reading Sunday Summary – 9th August: “First time since March…”