3 Descriptions

In the story of Noah, we are given three distinct descriptions: He was a righteous manHe was a blameless manHe walked with God Righteous - we know from Hebrews 11:6-7 that it was Noah's faith that made him righteous. Blameless - we know from James 2:21-24 that true, saving faith is evident in the way … Continue reading 3 Descriptions

Genesis 2:4-25 Part 3 How do you know that?

This passage in Genesis also speaks into our acquisition of knowledge. Throughout Scripture God pleads with humanity to gain knowledge, insight and wisdom. The apostle Peter even urges believers to ‘add to their faith...knowledge’. God wants us to study His word, to discover truth, to walk the right path. Moreover, God praises the humble and … Continue reading Genesis 2:4-25 Part 3 How do you know that?